I’m often asked what keeps me motivated. After all, it’s been more than 30 years and I’m still lifting weights. Not only am I still lifting, but I love it today just as much as I did in the beginning. I look forward to keeping company with my dumbbells. They are the reason I’m healthy and strong. And that makes me very happy!

Just yesterday I did 25 chest presses with 25-pound dumbbells! Every time I can accomplish that feat, it amazes and excites me!

I tell myself how strong and resilient my muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves must be. And that’s what’s kept me from developing the usual maladies most people my age suffer from such as arthritis and joint pain.

But I also have to credit the other aspects of my fitness lifestyle that contribute to my over all well-being: Nutrition, Stress Management and Spiritual Realignment.

I love to try new recipes, so I look online or watch Chefs Bobby Flay and Ina Garten  on Food Network. Both of them cook in the style I prefer, lean and fresh. Nutrition is very important to me. I prefer to eat my own cooking, that way I know what’s in it.

To lower my stress and energize my body I meditate, as often as I can during the day. I also practice deep breathing, essential to our brains.

My fitness lifestyle is my way of life. Couldn’t live without it.



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