The holiday season, with its deadlines, obligations and
travel, and the stress that comes as a result of keeping up with all that, is a weight gain agent.

What to do about it? Breathe, Stay Grounded and Monitor your Thoughts. Change any thought that usually drives you to overeat when stressed out.

Example: When confusion sets in and you mindlessly want to pick up a donut, breathe and reflect on your commitment to staying trim with these affirmations:

I want to wake up on January 1 weighing the same I do now; to accomplish that I need to focus on my food choices. I am in charge of what I eat. I prefer to eat healthy.  I can be satisfied with fewer calories. I’m making sure I stay hydrated, it cuts down on hunger.  When I chew slowly, I can really taste what I’m eating and I can fill up with less food. This is not my last meal. Tomorrow I will eat again. I will stop eating when I’m 80% full. I will finish my meal with a relaxing cup of tea.         

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