I want to be happy with my weight.

For that reason, I’m ready to make some changes.

I recognize I can do more than I’ve been doing.

I now make a promise to myself to make health my priority.

I deserve to be healthy, energetic and happy with myself.

I want to look in the mirror and like what I see.

I will start with a morning walk followed by a healthy breakfast.

I know I’ll have to get up earlier than usual. I’ll just have to go to bed earlier.

I can do that!

I will set aside time to plan and fix my meals to make sure I don’t just grab fast-food.

I’ll make sure I include fresh fruits and veggies, maybe brown rice and soup. And ohhh, water . . .

Water will take center stage in my plan. I know I haven’t been drinking enough.

After work while I watch TV I’ll stretch and do some legs and abs for about 30 minutes. That plus my 30 minutes in the morning will give me one hour.

One hour dedicated to my body, my health and well-being. It can’t get any better than that. 

Today I commit to put forth real effort and energy to accomplish my goal. If you want to know how my first day went, stay tuned.

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