Affirmations–powerful tools to help us change our attitude

An affirmation is a positive statemen about yourself stated in present time as though the desired change had already taken place.
Affirmations are powerful tools that can help us change our attitude in dealing with difficult people and situations. As we all know,we cannot change others but we can change ourselves. If we can change how we respond to someone’s rude behavior, for example, we can avoid the stress and frustration of feeling defeated and walking away angry at ourselves for not having had the courage to take a stand.
Let’s say you had a confrontation with someone who clearly was not being honest. They denied having done something you know for sure they did. What do you say? Do you curse them out and call that person a liar or do you reconize the person’s weakness and move on? The honorable thing to do would be the latter. You save yourself the mental and emotional anguish of getting into a deeper mess and maybe saying something you might regret later.
So, you want to stand strong, compassionate, truthful, direct and respectful. The qualities you want to define you already exist at your core, you just have to call them up to take their rightful place in your everyday life.
Begin to define yourself by these affirmations:
I am strong enough to walk away rather than insult anyone
I understand the other person’s difficulties. I forgive
This difficulty is a sign I need to move on
Betrayal is a sign of that person’s emotional pain
I refuse to be a victim of that person’s weaknesses
I stand for myself and my sense of honor
I have the power to create new relationships
I believe in myself. Other people believe in me.
The world loves me.
Repeat these affirmations as often as you can. Eventually they will weave themselves into your core and change who you are.