Journey to Self-Esteem: Learn to Love and Appreciate Yourself

I am pleased to announce that my second book, Journey to Self-Esteem: Learn to Love and Appreciate Yourself is now available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and in New Orleans at Garden District Bookshop.

I wrote Journey to Self-Esteem so I could share with others the powerful strategies, skills and practices that helped me develop the confidence and belief in self that transformed my life from failure to success and pain to health. Journey to Self-Esteem is filled with anecdotes of my own journey. My hope is that you too will be inspired to reach for your very best.

This book is a companion journal to my first book Forever Fit and Fabulous: A Guide to Health and Vigor—Even at 70 and Beyond where I introduced and stressed the es­sential importance of self-esteem.

If you would like to read the introduction to this inspiring book, Journey to Self-Esteem click here. Please help me spread the word about Journey to Self-Esteem. An Amazon review would be greatly appreciated.


Louisiana Life Magazine – September 2015

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I remember once reading that in some ancient cultures physicians were also priests, the concept being that they not only ministered to the body, but also to the soul.  It seemed like common sense to me –treating the entire person and not just the disease. Recognizing that the mind, spirit and body are connected influences in the overall picture of health, New Orleans-based fitness expert Emelina Edwards, author of the acclaimed book, Forever Fit and Fabulous –Even at 70 and Beyond, has taken her training expertise a step further in her latest book, Journey to Self-Esteem, Learn to Love and Appreciate Yourself. She makes the very credible point that in order to properly care for our physical well being (through healthy diet and exercise) we must first love ourselves enough to do so. Edwards is the poster person for this mission to promote positive self-awareness – her latest book not only chronicles the mire of ill health (such as cancer) and depression that she has triumphed over, it’s the perfect primer to teach us how to flag (and conquer)negative thought tendencies that family, society and we ourselves have ingrained in our minds and undermined our self-esteem.

One revelatory chapter identifies the 12 common cognitive distortions that can lead you into the low self-esteem quagmire of negative inertia. Among these distortions are: all-or-nothing thinking; filtering out all the positive aspects of a situation; and believing that negative emotions reflect the truth of a situation, among a few. Edwards also tackles the root problem of having a poor body image. Not only is low self-esteem a factor in poor health, obesity and depression, it is a self-defeatist plague. Once Edwards identifies the many factors that can comprise poor self-esteem, she offers inspiring ways to vigilantly combat it in the form of morale-boosters and excellent mental, cognitive, emotional and physical exercises.

“The road to peace and happiness is paved with constant self-monitoring,” writes Edwards.

At 73, she is the picture of youthful vitality and happiness. Her newest book is a wonderful guide for everyone to achieve the same.


Forever Fit and Fabulous: A Guide to Health and Vigor
Even – at 70 and Beyond

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I wrote Forever Fit and Fabulous: A Guide to Health and Vigor—Even at 70 and Beyond for the purpose of sharing with others the amazing results I achieved through exercise, a change in diet and meditation. As a result of my new lifestyle, I got rid of my depression, and for the first time in my life, had strength and energy. Feeling physically empowered changed me emotionally and mentally. Not only did I realize I had control over my body, but also over my life.

Although at the time I was already middle-aged (46-years-old), a time when most people think they’re already over the hill, I was able to reshape my body as any younger woman would using the same methods.

Empowerment through exercise, healthy nutrition and meditation at any age, is my mission statement, my passion and purpose.

Exercise made me realize I needed to do more to be truly healthy, so I changed my diet and started meditating.


Louisiana Life Magazine – July 2012