Hate the way you look? Changing your face or body is not the solution—but changing your mind is!

Want to feel better about your looks? Cognitive behavior strategies can help. Here’s a few:
Focus on 3 things you like most about yourself. Set your own standards for beauty and avoid defining yourself by your looks. Instead focus on personality traits, the source of our self-esteem. Are you friendly, kind, thoughtful, forgiving and loving?
Pick 3 things you like about your looks, and focus on those. Hardly anyone of us fits into the  set of physical features our culture uses to define beauty. Set your own standards, and focus on your own outstanding features. Your beautiful smile, your perfect teeth, your kind and pretty eyes, your shapely calves.
-Change your feelings about your looks by changing the language you use to describe yourself. Refuse to succumb to self-deprecating comments, even in jest. Treat yourself like a queen and describe yourself as such. “I have great hair, beautiful finger nalis, pretty hands, a great, noble nose.”

Psychology Today, March/April 2012