Healthy Diet Key to Glowing Skin


According to Dr. William Danby, a New Hampshire dermatologist, and other experts who study the biochemical processes of digestion, when you overindulge on foods like pizza or movie theatre popcorn, bloating and pimples can be a direct result. Their recommendations for glowing skin are:  

Avoid milk. Milk increases cell proliferation and sebum production, causing plugged pores that can lead to acne. Instead use almond, rice, coconut, hemp or soy milk.

Avoid refined carbs. Refined carbs increase insulin secretion which can promote acne by increasing oil gland secretion. Instead eat lean protein and salads.

Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean protein. When you eat like a native, you ingest low levels of free-radicals and high concentration of antioxidants.

Take a daily probiotic. Probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus replenish healthy bacteria in the gut.

Eat 6 ounces of fish a week. Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA help to inhibit pro-inflammatory compounds that kick start acne.

Health report by Joan Chen
Marie Claire, April 2013

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