For many years, almost half a lifetime, I was sad and depressed. I felt helpless to change my situation and hopeless that things would get better. I blamed and hated  myself for my inability to express my true feelings and stand up for myself.

I also hated the way I looked. My poor body image reflected how I fell inside. I found fault with every part of my body.

One day, desperate to feel better, as I could feel that if I succumbed further into my depression I may not be able to survive, I made the decision that changed my life:  I joined a gym and started working out.

My depression began to dissipate with my first workout. At the same time that I learned how to lift, I also familiarized myself with the muscles in my body and learned how to breathe, taking in the life force.

My strength and energy levels increased with each workout and feelings of hope began to flood my consciousness creating a shift in my attitude that helped me see and appreciate the positive side of life.

Within a few weeks I began to see and feel my body changing. I liked what I saw and I wanted more. By this time my depression had left me completely, never to return.

It’s now been 27 years and I’m still lifting weights. Even after all these years I still feel elated and energized at the end of my workout, happy with my endorphin high.

This is why I’ve made it my life’s mission to promote the benefits of weight training.

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