A few days ago I received an email from one of  my readers. Mary wrote to ask for a copy of one of my past newsletters, which she inadvertently deleted.  Then she went on to say:

“This also gives me the chance to tell you how much I loved your book. I couldn’t put it down, it was such an inspiration. I am also 72 and have always been into exercise and it has really paid off.”

I thanked Mary for her kind words and asked her if she would post that statement as a review on my Amazon book page. “Please help me spread the word of health and well-being” I said, “this world needs healing and we all can be healers contributing even in small ways.”

I have been a seeker of inspiration for 26 years. Inspiration feeds my soul.  Part of my day is spent reading inspirational literature. I like to fill my mind with the good, the holy and the beautiful. It’s my way of neutralizing the negativity we are exposed to every moment of our day: criticism, bickering, judgment, blaming and despair. Embedded in these qualities are toxic words that heighten our sense of fear and make us forget that our very essence is love.

Many of the problems that plague us could be eradicated by 30 minutes spent in silence reflecting on words of wisdom—words we read in a book or heard in a song or heard someone speak. We don’t realize that the constant barrage of toxic words we ingest is cumulative and in time changes who we are.

So now I ask you, dear reader, if you liked my book and found it helpful to your health and well-being, would you please let others know by posting a review on my Amazon book page?

Thank you

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