Making diatery changes? Here are my recommendations

Diatery changes can be overwhelming,, but there’s a way to make it simple. This is how I did it many years ago, and it worked, because I never reverted to my old unhealthy ways ever again.
Back then I ate anything I wanted without considering the consequences to my health or waist. Then I learned about the dangers of certain foods due to their high fat content and decided I would start by eliminating the worst offenders first. So I cut out butter, cream, cheese and meat. And started drinking lots of water.
I immediately felt so much better! My constipation disappeared and energy increased.I felt 20 pounds lighter!
Once I found that I could live without those fat-laden foods I focused on the “White” offenders, white bread, white rice, white potatoes and white pasta.
I’m sure there were times when I cheated a bit but in time I lost my taste for foods that tasted greasy and also for those devoid of nutritional value.
By breaking up my changes in stages, it almost felt easy. And because I was feeling so much better, that in itsself was a great motivator. Never mind that I began to like what I saw in the mirror!
I never counted calories or felt the need to weigh myself. I never even kept a diary. Feeling better, learning to care and appreciate my body and tasting new foods became a way of life.
During this month of January I will keep sending motivational tidbits, so stay tuned. And remember, make 2013 the last time you will have to struggle with your weight. Free yourself from the burden of extra weight and sluggishness.

Thinking of you,
Emelina, January 2, 2013

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