Nothing more glorious than a 6 am morning walk through the quiet streets of my neighborhood in route to Audubon Park.

Even though we are in the middle of June and the afternoon temperature can reach well into the 90s, there was a morning breeze that kept my body cool.

I can remember many years ago, thirty to be exact, when I used to spend my days  complaining about the heat and humidity. But of course, back then I was not rational. Had I been, I would have  reasoned that this is the South, and heat and humidity go with the territory.

Thanks goodness I matured and with age came wisdom. Today I love all weather conditions, after all it’s Nature, and Nature does what it does. It’ s up to us to change our attitude and acclimate.

That’s why I love being 75, with wisdom comes understanding, acceptance and gratitude. I love my morning walks. I walk for my brain, my joints, muscles and over-all well-being.



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