Louisiana Life Magazine – July 2012

Around Louisiana: Greater New Orleans



At 70 years old, Emelina Edwards can squat with a 100-pound barbell on her back for 10 repetitions (after a warm-up of 90 reps). Age aside, the accomplishment of this feat for Edwards is doubly amazing: Decades ago, she was told that her spine was deteriorating and she needed surgery. But all of that was before she experienced a personal epiphany that led her on an odyssey of self-discovery and a confrontation of her inner demons. This journey resulted in blossoming physical and mental health as beautiful as a strong magnolia tree: At 70, she looks 50 at most, and she has the stamina and body of a fit teenager. Thrown into the beneficent mix is a youngster’s mindset that life is still before her to be savored and enjoyed.

View the article about Emelina and her new book Forever Fit and Fabulous: A Guide to Health and Vigor — Even At 70 and Beyond! in the July issue of Louisiana Life magazine written by Jeanne Frois.