I used to think that discipline was a trait one was born with, you either had it or you didn’t. Then I learned differently. I realized that when practiced, devotion to anything, like jogging or lifting weights, could eventually result in the character trait we call discipline.
After many years of devotion to exercise, in particular lifting weights, I have developed discipline. But devotion, my driving force, grew out of my strong need to be free of pain and discomfort.
A few days ago I was talking with a client who wakes up every morning with pain and discomfort. I explained to her that if she stretched every morning and did special exercises for her painful areas, she could eventually be free of her nagging pain.
“But I don’t have the discipline to do it,” she said
“Think of it as a choice between pain and comfort,” I said. “You could have comfort instead of pain. But to be comfortable, your body demands that you stretch and exercise. It really is a simple choice, having nothing to do with discipline.”
We can choose to go through life moving fluidly, with lubricated joints bathed in synovial fluid or with crunchy joints that make discomfort a way of life. Synovial fluid is released by the joints as a result of movement.
I have been witness to countless clients who met their pain with stretching and exercise and ended overcoming their pain.

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