In her book Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer against All Odds, Kelly A. Turner, lists nine key factors that can make a real difference in surviving cancer. Those are, radically changing your diet, taking control of your health, following your intuition, using herbs and supplements, releasing suppressed emotions, increasing positive emotions, embracing social support, deepening your spiritual connection and having strong reasons for living.
It was very interesting for me to read that list because for the last 30 years, those key factors have been part of my own lifestyle.
As I write in my book Forever Fit and Fabulous: A Guide to Health and Vigor—Even at 70 and Beyond, my cancer, diagnosed when I was in my early forties, did not recur due to my transformed lifestyle. I also write very candidly about what I consider the reasons I got cancer in the first place.
An important key factor for me not included in Kelly’s list was exercise, especially weight training. Lifting weights helped me heal my depression and feelings of hopelessness. I felt empowered lifting weights. That’s why 30 years later, I’m still lifting!
Radical Remission is for everyone, not just those dealing with cancer or wishing o prevent it. It’s for everyone who wants a greater quality of life and is willing to make meaningful changes to have it.

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