Scrumptious Avacado Soup Recipe

Scrumptious Avacado Soup Recipe

This is the most delicious,most  nutritious and quickest soup recipe I have ever made. You will not believe that it does not contain butter and cream. With the holidays coming, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to rich and fattening soups, try this one. You will want to have it everyday.

1 cup loose fresh parsley
½ small avocado (reserve 1 sliver)
1 ripe tomato, quatered
¼ cucumber, sliced

Place parsley, tomato, cucumber and avocado in the container. Top with a pinch of salt and cayenne. Press down to blend. Serve topped with reserved avocado.

To make this soup I used a Nutri-Blast (found in the Food Prep section in my Recommended Products line at  If you have never used one, I highly recommend that you get one. For anyone interested in high-quality nutrition from fresh produce, this item is a must. It has changed my life. It takes me 5 minutes to make a breakfast drink with fresh spinach, apples, bananas, nuts and seeds. I immediately feel energized after drinking it. And extremely healthy!

I have been reading about the health benefits of raw foods for years. Now with the Nutri-Blast, it’s definitely a blast! I usually have a breakfast drink of fruit and nuts  and a late afternoon vegetable soup like avacado or gazapcho.

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