Success Story

Success Story

I want to share with everyone Carolyn’s phenomenal success story. I hope you are inspired by it.  Please feel free to share.

How DID I Lose 30 Pounds in 4 Months?!!
Carolyn’s Story

I have struggled with my weight since 3rd grade when my teacher Carolyn's pic 2noted on my report card that I had gained weight.  My mom responded to this news through the filter of the culture of the ‘50’s and went out and bought me a girdle.  I dutifully wore it (not the same one, of course) throughout my school career, until college.  During the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s, I broke out of this physical constraint and allowed by belly to protrude in my jeans.  But my mindset didn’t change.  I believed that I was not thin enough and because I wasn’t thin enough, I wasn’t good enough.

During this long struggle, I have realized  that I am good enough, but satisfaction with my physical appearance has eluded me…until now.  I had tried to look at this issue as “wanting to be healthy,” and wanting my body to reflect the person I believed myself to be – an active, adventurous, strong woman who will continue to travel and engage in the world with never-ending energy.  But I knew the excess weight would eventually catch up to me in my joints and breathing if I didn’t address it before those problems arrived.

And now I have found the health plan that is helping me to take this excess weight off for the last time.  I will share this with you now, because this plan has integrated all the pieces that I needed to be successful in this endeavor.

And here are the “How To’s” that are working for me.  Please read the rest of  Carolyn’s story.

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