Success Story

Forever Fit and Fabulous — Even at 60, 70, 80 and Beyond!



“I love myself; therefore I take care of my body, mind and spirit because all successes in my life stem from how I feel about myself.”

Emelina – Age 70





Carolyn, age 60, one of my clients, lowered her BMI from 37 to 29—by losing 45 pounds—now close to ideal for her age. Carolyn is no longer at risk for heart disease, diabetes or cancer. To reverse her high-fat/low-muscle ratio, Carolyn began lifting weights and changed her diet to include more high-fiber, low-fat, and low-sugar foods.

Her added muscle has helped her speed her metabolism and her improved diet has helped her burn fat. In her own words: “After recovering from Achilles tendon surgery at age 57, I was weak, out of shape and overweight. Now, after two years of weight lifting, stretching, losing 45 pounds and hiking to the top of a Himalayan Mountain, I can say, “Weight lifting didn’t save my life, but it definitely saved my Active Life.”


Cheryl, (Lawyer), age 55, is a perfect example of how the combination of regular weight training and healthy nutrition can result in a 25-pound weight-loss experience in just 6 months!

Here she explains it in her own words:    “I have been working out with Emelina for six months. I have not only increased my strength and vitality, but my quality of life has also been greatly enhanced. During this time, I have also lost 25 pounds and my joints no longer ache. Keeping up with my workouts has made me realize I have the inner discipline and determination to get healthier and stronger as I age, and that life can be deluxe, no matter how old I live to be.”