The average person experiences 50-100 stress responses per day, which, over time poisons the body.

How much stress do you experience on a daily basis?

For those of you willing to acknowledge the truth of your lives, it’s more than you think. The average is 50 to a 100. So where do you fit in along that range?

I would say mine is in the low 50s. At 75, I’ve accepted the truth that stress is part of life. However, we can help neutralize the damaging effects of stress on our body by practicing de-stressing techniques as we go through our day. That way, you don’t end up tied into knots by evening.

Here’s what I do:

Deep breathe often. Stay positive even in the worst of circumstances. Believe that things always turn out for the best. Pray. Laugh, find some humor in the situation. Know you’re loved. Listen to your voice of wisdom, your intuition. See crisis as an opportunity.

If you practice techniques that work for you, can you please share?

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