The health consequences of sedentary living

We all know we need to exercise to stary strong and healthy. And we all know that sedentary living is a risk factor for disease.
But did you know that when your body doesn’t move or your legs don’t hit the ground running or walking, your body can suffer serious health consequences?
For example, if you hold one of your legs aloft and don’t let it touch the ground for as little as 48 hours (imagine sitting on the couch watching TV), in only that short amount of time, it can have its DNA repair mechanisms disrupted, its insuling response slowed, its oxidative stress increased, and its metabolic activity within individual muscle cells diminished!
This information is based on studies conducted by scientists at the University of Massachusetts and other institutions.

If you need more of this revealing information to get you started on an exercise program, read “The First 20 Minutes”, by Gretchen Reynolds, reporter for the New York Times.