Taking care of our health in every sense of the word-mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically- needs to be our utmost priority if we hope to age with vigor and vitality.

It’s not easy, this journey requires dedication and passion, but the alternative for some of us, is unacceptable. I’m not ready for the nursing home just yet, Susan, one of my clients tells me as he pushes on with her squats. I know I’ll feel refreshed when I’m done, and tomorrow I’ll wake up with more muscle than I have right, now, she tells me. Susan, at 65, has been training for eight years.

Her intention, when she started, was to lose a few pounds, but she learned to love the exhilarating feeling of exertion and now she’s hooked. I wouldn’t stop for the world, she says.

Susan says her whole life has improved: sleep, energy, concentration, focus, eating habits,  peace of mind . . . She never expected to be this happy at this time in her life, she’s even looking forward to her seventies!

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