Sugar and dairy, says Kelly A. Turner in her book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, are both linked to cancer. The recommendations to reduce or eliminate these foods from your diet originate with Kelly’s research subjects, cancer patients. Let’s start with sugar.

“It’s an indisputable fact that cancer cells consume (i.e. metabolize) sugar—glucose—at a much faster rate than normal cells do”, says Kelly. To make her point more vivid, she describes how a PET (positron emission tomography) scan works: first you drink a glass of glucose, and then the scan detects where that glucose is being metabolized the fastest in your body. Those glucose “hot spots” are the areas in your body that are more likely cancerous. Researchers are still not clear whether a high-sugar diet causes cancer, but they do know that once cancer cells are in the body, they consume anywhere from ten to fifty times more glucose than normal cells do. That’s why it makes logical sense for cancer patients (and those wishing to prevent cancer in the first place) to cut as much refined sugar from their diets as possible and instead rely on the glucose found naturally in vegetables and fruit.When it comes to dairy, there are two main reasons that Kelly’s research subjects suggest that you should reduce or eliminate it from your diet.

Dairy is packed with hormones and proteins to make a baby calf grow and the main protein in cow milk—casein—makes cancer cells grow, both in petri dishes and in lab rats. Researchers can turn a rat’s cancer on or off by simply feeding, or not feeding it casein. The second reason to cut dairy from your diet is the unhealthy chemicals found in most U. S. dairy products, such as bovine growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

Finally, it’s important to remember that dairy products do no provide us with any nutrients we cannot get elsewhere, in spite of the media messages to the contrary. We can get as much calcium from leafy greens and just as much protein from beans and nuts.

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