Have you noticed your hair getting thinner and drier with time? Have you found yourself scratching your head more frequently than ever before?

If so, my story might shed some light on your problem.

Eight months ago while washing my hair gobs of it came off in my hand. Afterwards, while combing my hair, I gasped at the sight of bald spots right at my hairline. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. My hair had always been thick and healthy even when other parts of me weren’t. Never in a million years would I have imagined that one day I would be losing any of my precious hair.

Having always associated hair loss with stress, I immediately made a possible connection to the stress and anxiety associated with a recent serious knee problem. Nevertheless, I decided to consult a specialist in hair loss.

The hair specialist examined my scalp and hair and told me that both were healthy. He explained that human hair follows a cycle: shedding in the summer and growing back in the winter. If I was really worried, he said, I could start using Rogaine or take a pill.

Not interest in either of his solutions, I began to do my own research. I learned that we should treat our hair like fine silk, avoiding harsh chemicals and blow drying. Even hard towel drying is to be avoided. A famous hair loss expert recommended regular scalp massages with essential oils.

I then remembered that the last time I had had a haircut my hairstylist had commented that my scalp looked dry. I had also been scratching my head a lot. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, now I made the connection: dry scalp=itchy scalp, hair loss. I decided to find the right kind of oil to begin a scalp massage routine.

I immediately began a weekly treatment with the Ojon concentrated boosting serum you see below. Ojon serum helps to restore the condition of damaged hair and adds shine, texture and volume. Within a couple of weeks I began to notice baby hair appearing at my hairline. I was ecstatic, to say the least. It’s now been about four months and most of my bald spots have filled out. But I’m still doing the weekly treatment. I’m also washing my hair every three days instead of the weekly wash I used to do. If I don’t; my scalp starts itching, a sign that my scalp is dry and ready for another Ojon serum treatment.

Since going through this experience I have become more aware of hair loss in other women. There’s no reason for any woman to lose her hair. There is something we can do about it! And by the way, since I’ve been using the Ojon serum, my gray hairs have diminished.

According to a hair-loss site, most women don’t realize they are losing their hair until they have lost most of it.


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