Well, if you do, take a look at The Water Secret, written by Dr. Howard Murad, world-renowned dermatologist and authority on aging. Dr. Murad asserts that we can take complete control of our aging process by improving the health of every cell in our body.
Dr. Murad explains that the ultimate key to optimum health—and a more youthful, beautiful appearance is the ability of each cell membrane to hold water. He shares his scientifically-proven program for augmenting cellular strength and health to look and feel at your most amazing best.
“Regardless of how we age,” he writes, the net effect is cellular water loss.
So how to keep your cells hydrated and absorbing water? Not by drinking water, as you might think, but by eating foods that contain the most water. Eat your water is the term Dr. Murad uses to emphasize the need to eat plant food sources as opposed to animal food sources.
When our cells are not fully hydrated, they deteriorate and cannot function at their highest level. This leads to wrinkles, inflexibility, fatigue, loss of mental clarity and the tissue damage we call aging.
“Hydration should be defined by the water you keep, not the water you drink”, writes Dr. Murad.

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